About us

We began to implement this project in the summer of 2017.

Since the concept itself was considered for a long time, the main problems arose at the stage of translating ideas into “iron”!
Since we do not have our production base, we had to do often in the process of manufacturing a prototype, not as “better”, but as “possible”.
On the one hand – this is a plus – because it made us immediately reject unreasonably complex decisions.
On the other hand – it’s a minus – as there was not used a large stock of excess weight.
Although, for the prototype – this is not such a big problem. After all, he is more like a “technology demonstrator”.

Also, to our regret, the modest financial opportunities are affecting our choice of technical solutions and materials.
Since we are implementing this project at our own expense, without the participation of investors, we have to use materials and layout solutions that necessarily have a property – inexpensive.

Therefore, you see that one of the simplifications was the refusal (only on the prototype!) of the two-engine scheme.

Also, until the system of parachute rescue is purchased.
And a purchased flight controller is used from the RC helicopter.

Also, on the prototype at the time of testing, we use two-bladed propellers. Since this allows you to reduce the damage in the event (possibly during testing) of the accident. And the power of one engine is still small, for four four-bladed propellers.
But the design of the propellers allows in a few minutes to make them four-bladed.

If you have the necessary financial capabilities – the project will immediately come in line with the original idea – a twin twin-engine!

At the beginning of the project, we did not intend to go to crowdfunding grounds. We were planning to build a FlyingBike for our means, and “go out into the world” already with a flying prototype.
But as usual – life makes adjustments to the original plans!
So we decided to launch a campaign on IndieGoGo! https://igg.me/at/flyingbike

And we ask you to help us to realize our (I think and yours) dream – FLY WHEN WANTED !!!