Millions of people would like to be able to get into the air in the same way that they take the highway, driving a car or motorcycle.

After all, today a trip by car is not a feat, but an ordinary everyday process for billions of people!
And we created our project just so that you can FLY!
By simply rolling your aircraft out of the garage. Without the need to take him to the airfield … Without the need to master almost circus abilities to fly a helicopter!
Our project will give everyone the opportunity to fly without wasting time on many months of training at a flight school, etc.
A person who is able to enter a multi-level parking lot by car and leave it without breaking his own and other people’s cars – is able to fly on our flying motorcycle!

We are making a REVOLUTION!
Not in aircraft design. There are a lot of devices that are much simpler … There are a lot of devices that are much more complex in design …
The revolution is not about that.
We live in a difficult time.
Life requires mobility.
And transport provides us with mobility. The greatest mobility – speed and freedom of choice of direction – is provided by air transport.

But threats to our security have also appeared – terrorism, and in recent years – also a pandemic! And we will have to learn to live in these conditions. Life goes on!
Therefore, the optimal combination of mobility and safety is provided by INDIVIDUAL AIR TRANSPORT.
But on the way of its wide distribution is the difficulty of learning how to drive it (in comparison with the usual car to all).

BUT!!! There is already air transport around us, which can be operated by any person – DRONES !!!
When you buy a mini drone, it never occurs to you to go to an aviation school and get a pilot’s license to fly that drone?
You just buy … At best – spend some time on the simulator, or just train right away in the backyard … And then – FLY!
And millions of drones are already flying …
That is, there are already aircraft TODAY that can be controlled by almost anyone! You just need to have common sense!
The only problem is that TODAY you are OUTSIDE your drone!
And we created our project just so that you can be INSIDE!
So that you can FLY!
And in this sense, the REVOLUTION is in the appearance of an opportunity to FLY for an ordinary person.

We are already creating it!

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