Look… When you buy mini-drone, you are not really thinking of entering a pilot school to get a pilot’s licence to fly this drone!

You just buy it… At best you spend some time using simulator or practice in the back yard… And then you FLY!

And millions of drones fly…

So even now there are some flying machines and their piloting is available for almost everyone. The only one thing is needed for that is a common sense.

The only one problem is that today you are OUT of your flying vehicle.

And we have designed our project for you to be INside.

For you to FLY!


We are making a REVOLUTION!

It’s not the revolution in flying vehicles. There are tons of much more simple devices. There are many machines which have elaborate design…

That’s not the point of our revolution.

To cut a long story short, there are two main types of flying machines, available to buy – planes and helicopters.

Planes are easier to pilot. But you need a lot of space to take off and land – usually several hundred meters. And, finally, landing – is the most difficult part.  The worst thing is that in case of emergency, when the visibility is poor or the pilot is lost, he has no possibility to stop and think, calm down and size up the situation and take the right decision.

Helicopters can remain in the air and make a vertical take-off and landing and there aren’t any problems with the place for doing it. The problem is that in comparison with a plane piloting a helicopter is much more difficult. It’s something like equilibristics in circus – roll-pitch handle, direction pedals, step-gas stroke. For that reason, not everyone would like to start learning how to pilot a helicopter.

But millions of people would like to have a possibility to rise in the air as easy as you go to the highway, driving your car or going by motorbike.

Because today a car ride isn’t a feat, but a usual everyday thing for milliards of people!

And in this case a REVOLUTION is giving an opportunity to fly to an average person by driving your flying vehicle from your garage, without any need to take it to the airfield, without developing nearly circus abilities to pilot a helicopter.

Does it sound unreal?


Designing such a flying vehicle is our REVOLUTION itself!

Look, flying vehicles that have all advantages of helicopters and are easy to pilot for almost everyone, are among us during many years already. You can master piloting these flying vehicles during several days, not weeks or months (as for planes and helicopters).

They are radio guided drones!

What’s the difference between the drone and helicopter?

First – in size. Then when using a drone the pilot is OUTSIDE it, on the ground.

Is it possible to change a small unpiloted drone into a flying vehicle for a person?


What do you need for it?

To design it bigger for its carrying capacity to allow raising the pilot and working load in the air.

Here THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is to keep easy piloting.

Because “big drones” have already existed in aviation, for example Curtiss-Wright VZ-7, Curtiss-Wright X-19 and others.

But for piloting them a professional pilot was required.

Our aim is to make a flight available. And there is a way to do it – to use the experience of using electronics in the control channels of drones.

To the pilot’s tasks become the same as the car driver’s – “indicate” the direction of motion! Any balance problems in the car are solved not by the driver, but by gravity force through wheels.

In our drone, this role is played by the electronic control system as in regular drones!  After all, the usual stable flight of a drone is not anything outstanding.  This is the usual thing for HUNDRED THOUSANDS daily operated drones.

The idea is quite obvious, if not banal!

But there are problems on the way to its implementation.

And we SOLVE them!

If you want the flights to become such part of your life as traveling by car or motorbike right now, without waiting for the “near future”, when they will invent the right batteries – then our project is for you!

If you want the flights to allow you to be in the air not for 5-7 minutes, and then to charge the battery for 5-8 hours, if you want to have some kind of a motorcycle trip – you fuel tank on a regular gas station as a regular car – and fly for 150-200 km – then our project for you!

Last but not the least – our project will give the opportunity to fly to everyone, without spending time for months’ training at the pilot school, etc.

A person who is able to park his car in the multi-level parking and leaves it, without breaking his own and others’ cars – is able to fly on our flying motorcycle!


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