Tests of the new gearbox.

Manufactured and assembled new gear. Now we are testing. Required to check the correctness of calculations, assembly and configuration of the gearbox. The blades of the variable pitch screw are fixed in the small pitch position, since only the gearbox is being checked now. Electronic pitch control system is not connected. Test video watch on…
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Electric motors are the future, ICE is the present : what will be used for hoverbikes, flying motorcycles, flying cars

The most frequently asked question during the exhibition (and later, in the incoming messages from visitors of our website, is why do we make our flying motorcycle with internal combustion engines (ICE) when the prevailing trend is electric motors? We’d like to clarifty that our scheme with variable-pitch propellers (CPP) and several engines – ANY…
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Development and production of a new version of the transmission

After the Aviasvit XXI exhibition, we continued to test the transmission. During the test, problems with rubber seals were revealed. Which led to the need to make changes in the design of the transmission to eliminate this problem. At the end of the past, in 2018, we completed the development of project documentation for a…
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Presenting our flying bike on International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018 on October 9‑12, 2018

09-12.10.2018 We participated in the International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI exhibition. We presented our prototype for a wide view. Thus, we have identified our vision and understanding of the development of light air transport. The purpose and main ideas of our project we have set out in great detail in other sections of our…
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First launch of a fully assembled unit

Here finally came the moment when we fully assembled the entire aircraft. To carry out the first tests (ground-based so far) by “spinning” the propellers, transmissions, checking vibrations, etc. we went to a free place where we do not interfere with anyone and do not pose a threat to the safety of unauthorized people. Who…
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The complete assembly of the prototype

We finished the complete assembly of our prototype! 🙂 Since the previous publication, we have done a lot of work – we tested several modifications of the transmission, completely changed the design of the drive blades of variable pitch propellers. Made their complete set – 4 propellers. And proceed to the tests and refinement. There…
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We ordered the production of a set of parts for the final complete assembly of the first flying prototype

We ordered the production of a set of parts for the final complete assembly of the first flying prototype. After 2 weeks, we expect the first ordered parts to be delivered and start assembling. If the parts are manufactured in the specified time frame – by the end of May we must completely assemble our…
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The first samples of the second version of the propeller.

We have finished assembling the second version of the propeller. Connected it to the engine and transmission. And conducted the first tests of promotion from the motor! The process continues.  

The assembly of the propeller continues

A part of the details of the variable pitch propeller is also made. The assembly continues.

15.02.2018 Blade casing with brackets

Finishing of the blades’ chambers with the brackets of the blade step change drive has been completed. Next week, we plan to finish the manufacture of the screw body and the drive slider of the step change.