The complete assembly of the prototype

We finished the complete assembly of our prototype! 🙂

Since the previous publication, we have done a lot of work – we tested several modifications of the transmission, completely changed the design of the drive blades of variable pitch propellers. Made their complete set – 4 propellers.

And proceed to the tests and refinement.

There is still a lot of work to be done – fine-tuning the transmission (checking the correctness of the chosen technical solutions, life tests), tuning the electronics – variable-pitch propeller control channels, electronic engine control.

But Hurray !!! We went to a new stage!

The site has not been a news update for a long time. But not because the work was.

As we have already written, our project is progressing slowly due to the modest financing that we can afford, and not because of a lack of ideas and enthusiasm!

Therefore, we wish ourselves good luck and continue to work on the project!

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