According to press reports, several projects are currently being prepared.
Some of them use original technical solutions.

But most of these projects are in the CG stage. And the technical solutions they propose are in many cases meaningless from the point of view of physics. And they will never fly!

Those projects that offer more realistic options – they all use the simplest scheme – with a small takeoff weight, there are many electric motors with fixed-pitch propellers, control is carried out by changing the speed of the motors. And they are not suitable for further development. For example, if you need to create an apparatus for transporting 4-6 passengers, the number of motors will grow to 30-40!

Therefore, in terms of the totality of operational characteristics (important for the consumer) – payload, flight range, ease of refueling, versatility of use, etc. – our project has no real competitors today.

And taking into account the fact that our project provides for several versions – electric and gasoline, open and closed, manned and unmanned versions – and all this from the same units and components – our project is beyond competition!

!!! 2023 ADDED !!!

At the beginning of 2023, the Anglo-Swedish project for a heavy drone for the Royal Navy was presented.

In terms of its idea and technical solutions, it practically repeats our 2017 prototype. Only from more expensive materials.

In general, Ukraine is late again. They pay for this with the lives of soldiers and will again buy abroad what has long been ready for production in Ukraine.


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