Electric motors are the future, ICE is the present : what will be used for hoverbikes, flying motorcycles, flying cars

The most frequently asked question during the exhibition (and later, in the incoming messages from visitors of our website, is why do we make our flying motorcycle with internal combustion engines (ICE) when the prevailing trend is electric motors?

We’d like to clarifty that our scheme with variable-pitch propellers (CPP) and several engines – ANY number – (optimally – 2 for ICE or 4 for electric motors) – is UNIVERSAL! And it makes it possible to build an aircraft with the necessary characteristics today!

We constantly talked about it, it was written about this in the description of our project on the site – WE UNDERSTAND THAT FUTURE LIES WITH ELECTRICITY!
The time of the ICE is coming to an end. But we want to fly TODAY! And not in a few years or decades! But  comparing the electric motors vs ICE for hoverbikes, flying motorcycles and flying cars, today there are simply no batteries (capacitors, energy storage devices, etc.) with energy intensities, comparable to gasoline!
Therefore, the creation of a vertical-takeoff aircraft  that has practical value (time and flight range, fast refueling time, etc.) is now possible only on the basis of the internal combustion engine, since it is necessary to ensure the flight range at least at the level of a modern motorcycle – 250-350 km
But we also understand that designers of flying taxis, flying cars, flying motorcycles and others using electric motors will not be able to do something practically useful for a long time. Since the aircraft is able to stay in the air for 15-25 minutes – it can hardly be called practical.
In the project description, we pointed out that the lack of capacious batteries makes it practically useless to develop original designs of aircraft because in such projects severely small energy amount limits the range of solutions that can be applied.
But with the appearance of the necessary energy sources, these problems will disappear by themselves and the  electricity-powered aircrafts will become ordinary.

Understanding all this, we develop the design of a flying motorcycle, which has the ability, in the case of the emergence of new energy sources, to be modified easily for usage of electric motors. Or, for example, when light and powerful generators become available, for usage of a hybrid scheme.

That is – electricity is the future!
Internal combustion engines – the present!

What we do is creation of the machine capable to fly now and in future!

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