The stage of ground tests has been completed

The stage of ground tests has been completed.

We checked the work of the systems and prototype units.

As expected – since the frame, gearbox housings, shafts and the rest are made of steel – the lifting force of the propellers with one motor is not enough for independent flight.

The total thrust of the propellers was 380kg. That is, 95 kg for each propeller, with a power supplied of about 25 hp. (excluding transmission losses). The result is normal, but the power is not enough. The second engine is 100hp. will give 50 hp. for a screw and a thrust of 150 kg. Which is quite enough for even a steel flight.

But you need to move on to the next stage – make most of the parts from aluminum and install a second motor. As provided by the project from the very beginning.

There is only one question – the lack of finance. Alas.

Therefore, we are stopping the tests for now – and the weather is no longer for testing – autumn! And we start looking for investors.



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